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Read Tidom Inc Reviews Before Joining



People nowadays seek more and more information before making any decision. They really do their homework work as they search online, especially with so much opportunity to grab. One of them is Tidom Inc that offers very enticing business opportunity. The name comes from the words "Time Freedom" and it is a program intended for those who are looking for opportunity to make money from home. This one is suitable for everyone no matter what your expertise are in owning a business because the top tier direct sales organization offers support and product for self-improvement, business development, marketing, health and wellness training.


Tidom Inc claims that their business model is proven and can pull in large incomes with commissions ranging from $2,000 to $22,000, one of the largest profits available today in a home-based business opportunity. The products are easily accessible and are only available for download. They have four revenue streams, including personal sales, qualification sales, upgrade sales and roll up sales. There are five different packages that you will be promoting in order to earn commissions - Basic Package ($2,000), Builder Package($3,500), Advanced Package($6,500), Pro Package($12,500), and VIP Package ($22,000). And you will be required to sell each of these packages. This is one high ticket sales business model where you sell expensive products for you to earn big commissions.


The company also offers a passive residual income stream with huge profit margins. During your first sale, you can make more than 90% profit on each sale you make. You can already make a lot of money with the company without making a lot of sales. With the Tidom Inc compensation plan, another benefit when you get started is that you can immediately start earning income. It does not have a very complicated setup because you can pretty much do it on your own and you will see that your business is already running in just a matter of 24 hours.


With Tidom Inc, there is no need to wait in order to get paid. The model does not include a middle man. By the time you sign up a customer, you will get paid right away directly from that customer after your first qualifying sale. As you can see, the compensation plan seems very lucrative for the right person.


However, it helps to check out is Tidom Inc a scam reviews first before deciding to join or not. Overall, the company is credible with a decent product line. However, it lacks something in terms of marketing and one-on-one coaching. In order for the business to thrive, have mentor or marketing coach to help you through. The business model may be workable on paper but it is not that simple in reality.